We are using headless browser technology for all javascript captchas so we are very good in solving them fastly and with good accuracy.Use our human based captcha solving service for all your captcha needs without any worries.

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Simple API in various programming languages which makes it easy to customize for your application

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24X7 in order to solve your captcha

Image Typerz is the leading and renowned captcha bypass provider offering decaptcha, decaptcher bypass captcha services for any major software platform.

  • Our team has skilled and talented typers who are available 24X7 in order to solve your captcha
  • We also provide 24X7 online supports to our customers so that none of their requirement remains unfulfilled. We only charge for right CAPTCHA.
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The reputation that we are proud of have been earned by sheer dedication put into this business by our team, superior support along with incredible flexibility in dealing with the dynamics of the market. These are the factors that have helped us in emerging as the front-runner of this business. Our efficient and effective services will help you solve all sorts of CAPTCHA with absolute ease and in a brilliant way.

Rate for our captcha solver and recaptcha solver:

  Normal captcha 0.65$ per 1k

  Recaptcha V2 2.1$ per 1k

  Recaptcha V3 2.1$ per 1k

  Geetest 2.1$ per 1k

   Capy 1.5$ per 1k

  Hcaptcha 1.8$ per 1k

  TIKTOK 1.8$ per 1k

  Recaptcha Enterprise 3$ per 1k

  Funcaptcha or Arkose Labs 2.5$ per 1k

  Geetest V4 1.8$ per 1k

  Captcha Task (Bypass any Captcha type) 2.5$ per 1k

  Turnstile Captcha 1.8$ per 1k

Bad Captcha Claim:

Imagetyperz guarantee all the clients that we don't charge for bad captchas or bad images typed. We have API to take care of bad captcha claim. You can also implement it in your software to claim a bad captcha typed by our worker. If the software that you have installed is not claiming for a bad captcha in an automated way, you can claim for it manually as well by making use of this form.

If have a question like how to decaptcha ,decaptcher, our answer is make use of our service as it will provide you with an outstanding solutions.


Cheap and Best Bypass Captcha Service

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Check our API section for more instructions and other decaptcher API. Bypass captcha jdownloader is a useful and excellent plugin. So what are you waiting for? Just go ahead and use our decaptcha or decaptcher solver and get rid of those distorted images in no time.

For services who does not support or normal or recaptcha solvers please visit our gates in our api section or download from github using


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Please check our tunnel page for set up instructions.

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Our own Imagetyperz APi in different languages can be found here


The APIs available for captcha solving are listed below